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12 July 2012 @ 03:10 pm
Springhill Group:Microsoft’s SkyDrive gets an update  

Microsoft is giving various updates to its cloud storage service SkyDrive that includes new apps and more efficient synchronization across multiple platforms in an attempt to combat the upcoming Google Drive.
For users of Mac, this new app integrates with the Finder tool in Mac OS X. Springhill Group also launched a new version of the iOS app offering a native experience on both iPad and iPhone devices, giving SkyDrive more capability as a cross-platform and cloud-based storage service.
The other update is Microsoft will cut the default SkyDrive free storage capacity from 25Gb to 7Gb. This is not as bad as it sounds, actually it is an improvement because now users can upload files up to 2Gb as opposed to the 100Mb upload limit per file before. What’s more, the entire SkyDrive syncs automatically.
The good thing is, Microsoft is rewarding current members of Skydrive by giving them a free upgrade from the 7Gb limit to the former 25Gb capacity. But this is only for a limited time so SkyDrive subscribers have to log into their accounts and simply click a link to upgrade. Consequently, current accounts that are already past the 7Gb limit have been automatically upgraded.
New users of SkyDrive will get the 7Gb for free and can add an additional 20Gb for only USD 10 per year or another 50Gb for USD 25, which is considerably cheaper than the same capacity offered by the leading filelocker Dropbox.
The great change about this is Microsoft’s decision to turn SkyDrive into a more software-based approach and not just a website. Its move on has been taken as an urgent measure to ward off the entrance of Google Drive, finally launching after years of news rumors.
SkyDrive gets a lot more nice updates like the capability to edit or create MS Office documents from the web interface or Macs with no additional cost or any installation. Although it does not totally sync with mobiles, it at least offers apps to view the documents online using iPads, iPhones or Windows Phones. One of the new features improving the file synchronization across various platforms give it more edge against rivals. Users can now access SkyDrive directly from the Windows Explorer and even has an option to connect to the computer if a file was forgotten to add in SkyDrive.
Apparently, there is a strong reason that drives companies to jump into this particular market. Springhill Group noted that file storage providers will get access to stored data of every user which is obviously a gold mine. This can be used to target users with more specific ads.